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What is Osteopathic Manual Therapy?

Osteopathic Manual Therapy is a hands on therapy that is especially good for chronic pain.  Techniques mobilize joints, muscles and fascia to help the body function and feel better.  Chronic pain doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes weeks or months or even years to develop.  Poor posture, stress and gait restrictions can be the result or the cause of chronic pain.  As an Osteopathic Manual Therapy treats the entire body, the affected joint or limb will not be the only area worked on.  Osteopathic Manual Therapy can benefit anyone.  It can be best understood by experiencing it! 

Located in Belmont, MB

“An Osteopath must know the shape and positions of every bone in the body, as well as that part to which every ligament and muscle is attached.  He must know the blood and the nerve supply.  He must comprehend the human system as an anatomist and also from a physiological stand point.  He must understand the form of the body and the workings of it.  That is a short way to tell what an Osteopath must know.

~Dr. Andrew Taylor Still MD, DO Autobiography

Founder of Osteopathy

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