Listening Touch Osteopathy​​

What to expect during an Osteopathic Manual Therapy session.

Osteopathic Manual Therapy sessions are meant to be pain free so communication is instrumental during a session.  Not everyone’s pain threshold is the same.  The initial session will involve a review of the initial history that you have provided when you book your session followed by an assessment of your posture and gait then hands on assessment of your pain and range of motion.  All techniques are performed over clothing so wear non restrictive stretchy clothing such as t-shirts, tank top and yoga/athletic pants or shorts.  No jeans or belts please.  

On Mondays I will be available at the Mary Ann Moore Wellness Centre in Killarney.  To book an appointment there please call (204)523-8629.  To see me in Belmont click the Book Now down below.  Thank you!

One Hour Session


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Multiple Joints/Muscles

Craniosacral Therapy

General Joint Wellness Session

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Half Hour Session


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Specific Joint Therapy

Migraine/Headache Therapy

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