Listening Touch Osteopathy​​

What to expect during an Osteopathic Manual Therapy session.

Osteopathic Manual Therapy is a whole body holistic manual therapy.   Osteopathic Manual Therapists do not diagnose injuries as they understand the body is all interconnected and never has just one injury.  A treatment consists of evaluating ALL the joints of the body and their ligaments, muscles and connective tissues then correcting imbalances using joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques and connective tissue releases.  The result corrects the body’s structure reducing pain and bringing the body back into balance.   All techniques are performed over clothing so wear non restrictive stretchy clothing such as t-shirts, tank top and yoga/athletic pants or shorts.  

One Hour Session


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Multiple Joints/Muscles

Craniosacral Therapy

General Joint Wellness Session

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Half Hour Session


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Specific Joint Therapy

Migraine/Headache Therapy

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